14 Best Gyms in St Petersburg Fl

There are so many Gym in St Petersburg Fl, which each gym has great offering and particular services. Sometimes we are confused due to all of offers looks great. For that reason this page try to provide valuable information about Gyms in St Petersburg Fl with hope save the time searching and comparison of each gym. As result the following are 14 recommended Gyms in Saint Petersburg Florida which are able to be used as references when searching for best gyms in St St Petersburg Fl.

gyms in st petersburg fl

The result is gained from comparison of customer reviews from many re-sources such as yelp and google reviews. Through their opinion and deep comparison of others parameter as result of 14 Best Gyms in St Petersburg Fl.  The selection is conducted in such a away therefore the result are the most recommended gyms to be visited in St Petersburg Florida, as follow :

2727 6th Ave S
St Petersburg, FL, United States
Phone : +1 727-459-1340
Homepage : crossfit9.com

CrossFit StPete
4001 35th St N
St Petersburg, FL, United States
Phone : +1 727-525-1312
Homepage : www.stpetecrossfit.com

Combat Performance and Fitness
Martial Arts, Gyms, Yoga
1144 94th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33702
Phone : (727) 576-2100
Homepage : –

Planet Fitness
Gyms, Recreation Centers
Tyrone, Kenneth City
5335 66th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33709
Phone : (727) 826-0976
Homepage : –

Crossfit Imbue
Trainers, Gyms
5514 Haines Rd N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33714
Phone : (727) 333-5199

Carillon Wellness Center
900 Carillon Pkwy
St Petersburg, FL, United States
Phone : +1 727-502-4444
Homepage : baycare.org

Orangetheory Fitness
Trainers, Gyms, Boot Camps
5032 4th St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33703
Phone : (727) 897-5566

Gold’s Gym
203 38th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33704
Phone : (727) 822-9394

City Gym
33 6th St S
St Petersburg, FL, United States
Phone : +1 727-898-3302
Homepage : www.citygymstpete.com

Body Dynamics Fitness Center
900 Pasadena Ave S
St Petersburg, FL, United States
Phone : +1 727-347-4445
Homepage : www.bodyd.com

Anytime Fitness
900 Central Ave
St Petersburg, FL, United States
+1 727-502-9100
Homepage : www.anytimefitness.com

The Peaceful Warrior Fitness
2748 25th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33713
Phone : (727) 201-9846

Burg CrossFit
Trainers, Gyms
1150 19th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33713
Phone : (740) 272-2983

LA Fitness
7044 22nd Ave N
St Petersburg, FL, United States
Phone : +1 727-322-4010
Homepage : www.lafitness.com



Tips To Help You Find The Right Gym

Things to Consider Before Signing Up the Membership of a Gym

As the healthy lifestyle pioneer, we always feel the pleasure to hear the news about some people telling us that they want to just start to come into the fitness lifestyle in their own life. We just feel so glad and we will keep motivate you to keep training to achieve the physique you have always dreamed of. Whether it is to gain some muscle pack or draining some fats in your belly to the utmost healthy rate, entering the gym is a good idea to begin with.

Find The Right Gym

First of all, we are going to remind you that starting out in the gym may give you some strange feeling. It is natural since you are entering the zone where is new and unfamiliar to you. It is kind of intimidating and rather overwhelming you with the nervousness, but that is okay. All you need to do is keep going on and do something that you need to do something that you already know as good as you can. If you have not known anything yet to start on working out in the gym, then you can learn some stuff from the internet, since right now, there are abundant websites that provides you many detailed information about it.

For the starter, finding the appropriate gym to do the workout is kind of tricky stuff to do. You cannot just randomly choose and sign up to the gym that you hear from people or because the price is lower than any other gyms around you. Deciding to sign up the membership by using those references are just going to make you regret for what you do or even feel uncomfortable with the situation. All you need to do before deciding to sign up your name to a gym is doing some quick inspections about them, and compare it before deciding which one is the best matching gym for your needs.

Finding the right gym is also depending on what are you going to do there. For example, that you want to get the extra cardio to burn calories or find the find fun and sweaty program that can help you to stay fit, then you can choose one gym with such features like Zumba, aerobic, or gymnastic. If you are going to do some fighting learning or training your strength in fighting, then you should choose the gym with the martial art center on it. And if you have the goal to pack some mass of muscle, then find the gym with the complete apparatus.

In this post, we are going to tell you some aspects to concern before you sign up for a gym membership as the reference of your comparison. Heed them up:

The cost of membership and its packages

The first thing first to heed is of course the price you should pay for the membership. The higher price should be nicely compared with the good facility you can get, that is the cold turkey. Find one gym with the price which is make sense for yourself and you need to ask about any packages they offer. Some gyms are giving some packages which can give you the lower price in some specific conditions to compete with other gyms to get the clients, and that is what you can take benefit of.

The Locations of the gym and the opening schedule

Right after you make the comparison of several gyms you have inspected, and asked about their membership prices, all you need to do next is looking at the location. It is always a good idea to choose one gym with good facilities and it is located nearby where you live, rather to choose the one with amazing facilities they offer but you need to ride your car 5 miles away to get there. The location is indeed has something to do about your gym choice consideration.

The Facilities you can get and use

The third things that you need to supervise is the facilities they have. It is always become a must thing to check when you need to enroll your name to be member there. Just check what are the equipment they provide for your training as well as investigate the other features like sanitation, over pluses features, the completeness of amenities? This process of facilities check and compare is strictly needed before you decide to be member of one gym. Just make sure not to skip this phase.

Management and Services

The last thing to enlist on the consideration is the management system and the services they give. A good management will recruit the best and skilled human resources for giving the nice service for their clients. You can check this up by asking them who are working on the gym, whether the trainer, or front desk, receptionist or the consultants there. The management system consideration is also can be seen from its membership cycle and procedures. The management and their services are also can be visually seen from their attitude when they meet their clients. It is just feels good when you walk in the gym and meet their service with smiling faces and friendly manner. Well, since we do believe that you also need some politeness and hospitality character that the management should give to you, the management and its service is just one unavoidable thing to concern.

Well, those are four things to concern if you are going to start your fitness lifestyle in near time. We do hope that this post can be a hand to help you find the best gym for you to work out and stay healthy. Just do not hesitate if you have any other question regarding how to find the right gym for the beginner, and we will certainly answer it at our best with pleasure to make you informed and helped. See you in the other articles in the next time! Keep staying healthy guys!

The Comparison between Home Gym and Memebership Gym

Home Gym


  1. Pleasure

Pleasure is one of the great advantage which you can get from doing home gym. It implies the freedom to have full time and any exercise time which you want without time restriction or schedule. Due to the home gym spot is indoor, you don’t need to manage your car from garage to go outside.

  1. Hygiene

As the additional advantage to have home gym is hygiene factor. By doing such home gym you are the only one who uses the gym equipment, unless your friend visit your home and try to use the equipment. This can be your great step to keep your body sanitary and clean during using the equipment. Furthermore, the comfort of your equipment for gym will not impeded by any smelly thing from your equipment.

  1. Charge

It is can be supposed as a crucial factor to consider having home gym and in this case it can be represented by long run. Of course this can be your saving idea because if you choose a membership gym you will pay more money than the home gym’s. The most important factor relating to economize your gym program is by maximally exploiting your equipment of home gym. As an additional benefit is you can consider selling the home gym if you have got all of the advantages and it is time to quit. In this case you can sell it easily in the market of gym equipment to get money back as your investment.

Home Gym Vs Going To The Gym


  1. Motivation

Less motivation can be the factor why you avoid being at home to have a gym program because the atmosphere which you need doesn’t exist there. This will cause lack of motivation to some people while other perceive such way being able to give more focus on their atmosphere alone.

  1. Social Factor

It is not only about physical result which you need but also social interaction. In your home you will not find more people to interact while in a gym you can meet and converse with new people to have gym or other experience sharing. In this case you need to determine your priorities to have a gym whether you should have it at home or gym center.

  1. Nuisance

Doing your gym program at home actually triggers many problems relating to home nuisance. While your home is full of food or there is a good movie program, you will face this as something disturbing your focus to do the workout in certain duration target.

Gym Memberships:


  1. Motivation

Motivation can be increased in membership gym workout because you will find different people workout. Your adrenaline can be more triggered through this atmosphere where you feel as if competing with them.

  1. Various Equipment Options for Losing Weight

Indeed, there is various gym equipment types which you can choose based on your purpose. For example, certain gym provides swimming pool facility as the convenience item to choose like what you can find in gym membership. Indeed, the more complete the gym equipment’s are the more pricey to pay the membership gym will be.

  1. Charge

In membership gym you have the payment options for your membership. It can be monthly or annually payment based on your budget and workout plan. Thus, this way depends on your decision to choose one matches your preference for the payment method.


  1. Charge

Generally, gym membership puts pricy charge. The rule is when you expect a gym membership with better facility; you should be ready to pay more expensive as the quality enhancement. While you should pay for the renewal in each year, the loss can be yours because will not always use the gym facility, especially in your busy time.

  1. Gym Rats

This is the worst possibility you may meet relating to membership gym you choose but it generally occurs. In this way you may suffer certain problems like stink condition, sweaty machine and etc which lead you better to have home gym.

  1. Freedom Restriction

Commonly this occurs in a gym which is popular since all of the equipment’s got the users. Thus, looking for a way which doesn’t need to wait in using gym equipment is what most people think in this situation. Of course this will be the rats and something depressing to see other people workout but you not.


Overall, doing home gym is considered to be worthier than joining a membership. Right, freedom can be the main reason why you should choose home gym. This will make you do what you want to maximize your potential time. However, the decision is yours!

8 Questions Commonly Asked Relating to Gym Membership

Commonly, space and financial absence can be the factor why people tend to choose joining a gym club than having their own gym set in their home to support their workout program. There is only local YMCA or other small domestic gym which is available to join for the gym program. Hopefully, this article can give definite information by displaying questions and the answers concerning membership gym comparison based on the facilities.

Gym Membership questions

  1. What does the membership system look like based on the time period?

Lots of gym places treat certain rule like locking the member to join in certain period length or one time of front membership payment. You may also find a more flexible offer by different gym spot to make you go the way you want. It can be based on your preference to have a gym in your winter time than summer time, for instance. Of course, the ability to quit anytime is what you expect from a gym membership. However, the locking membership doesn’t always mean negative because the membership commitment and discipline what the positive side to be formed. Therefore, you should choose a gym spot which really gives you comfort which you expect.

  1. How is the usual gym crowd in your workout hours?

Intending to have any workout actually needs to consider the equipment availability not to use by other gym members or users. Of course, waiting over half hour is the depressing thing which you may get from such condition when you highly need to have immediate workout. To avoid this condition you should consider the gym providing lots of equipment which you can compare with the member number and traffic during your workout hour before joining a gym membership.

    3. Is a free trial membership available there?

Indeed, there is a free trial which you can find from most gym places while visiting the first time. You can optimize this chance to exercise whether the gym qualify your need and expectation so far. You may find also the gym which doesn’t consider convincing the visitor training at the spot. Commonly, a gym will give people a free trial enables them to have the gym before registering as the gym member.

  1. Does the fee comprise yoga and other aerobic classes?

When you look at the gym prices which are offered, you may think that they are too expensive but you should consider the package within the fee like a spinning class, a Turbo Jam and another aerobics class.  This can be the interest factor to attract you to be the gym member so the gym advertises such facility in the website. Another gym may offer lower membership fee in initial registering but price addition within the middle workout period is not a good deal you should take. The more extra features you get through a gym membership the more deserved the gym for you based on its high quality.

  1. Can the physical training assist be got during all the workout time?

If you need a physical training assist from the fitness expert you need to pay amount of the service fee. Generally, an initial physical training can get free advice from the trainer. Other places can offer free occasional consultation and assist. For the physical trainers who work for commission purpose, they will not allocate the time for free lessons you expect due to unworthy activity they suppose. However, this can diverse among a gym to another gym.

  1. What does the gym equipment look like?

In certain place, you may find only a use of aerobic and Nautilus machines as the focus whereas others can have free weight equipment use. Sometimes, you can find both of them in the combination through other gym spot. Actually, the gym offer diversity indicates a premium cost for the fee which you expect for easy registering. If the gym model is not what you are looking for, may be a smaller gym which is more specific can be your choice.

Except the gym equipment type the equipment age or condition should be considered also. Actually, you have the chance to choose a gym which uses more modern equipment and throw aside harmful equipment of outdated equipment. Surely, outdated gym equipment is good for your saving but this is not good due to harm reason. Thus, think of the equipment condition first before joining the gym.

  1. What do you feel within the gym space?

When you are in the gym, you may find different compatibility whether it is for men, women, families, the olds, youth, lesbians and gays. The gym atmosphere which you can get is really crucial to consider as money and equipment consideration. It is because the more you gain the comfort and joy; the more you will love to use the gym for longer period in finishing your fitness goal or getting an ideal body. Therefore, you should get the information by asking your family, friend and other to get the compatible gym atmosphere.

  1. What kind of method or fitness program for losing weight which is offered?

While every person can consistently have daily workouts but the result may different from one person to another person. This can be caused by physical training program which is offered by the gym. They may diverse from on gym to another gym because some gym may offer P90X use, group of Weight Watch or more special program from weight loss. You can find the gradual method which is offered by the gym to reach your goals. As the suggestion, being a club member can get the benefit of guidance and assist which is important for the goal. The important point is just g have and learn the education they give to you.

Overall, a lot of questions which is unanswered relating to the gym memberships but such questions represent the major and important question which you need to ask. Surely, the gym can be found better what you may think in your mind while the answers above give the general gym condition. When it comes to answer your question it is one of our best contributions to your health success especially for loss weight program. Therefore, getting gym membership information as much as possible is better for preparing your experience in gym activities.

Gym Sweet Gym: Things that make you feel Content about your Gym

There are some places where people are come and go. It is the gym. This place is not only a place where all the big men are pumping the iron and grunt like a wild beast with their sign when the do the bench presses with the loads that even heavier than their own body weight. This place is also the place where the skinny guys and gals are starting to gain some bunches of muscle under their skin, and this is also a place for some guys and gals who wants to drain their fats through the sweat. This is a church for those who love to take the healthy lifestyle as the principle of their life.

No matter how you look like now, probably you are a huge man who has won hundreds of body contest or you are a sexy lady with nice booty and guitar shaped body that will distract everyone who come across in your front, you all were once started from the zero when you step inside the gym you working on. You might even feel nervous with the high intense of the intimidation of the seniors there, and there were many question about the workout you want to do or what you should do spinning up inside of your brain, messing up with your mind. You might also was worried that you will be mistakenly do some wrong exercises, and afraid that people there are going to laugh and stare at you weirdly.

gym features

Out of that worry, now you get used to the gym you working on for your muscle or calories burn. You have reached the situation where the gym is considered as your second home or even the holy place that you cannot forget to visit every single day, because it will be a sin to yourself when you skip it out. That is the circumstance when your gym is keeping you to go to the gym. You have felt the coziness and you will just add it up as you must visit place in your daily life, but how about the people who have just started? Well, it depends.

Well, there are many factors that is just causing you to feel comfortable with the gym where you working out. In this post, we are going to give you some aspects and its explanation that are considered as important aspects that makes a gym keeping you to do the workout and making you feel content with it. This post is also can be taken as the reference about what kind of suitable and best gym you should sign up the membership. Here are some!

The Gym apparatuses

The first thing that can make someone feel just like home and keep working out on the gym is the completeness of the apparatus in the gym itself. The more stuff people can do over there will just make people feel challenged to do many variations of exercises with different machines. The gym which has complete workout machine and equipment for many different muscle parts to train will just let people feel well-purveyed. Just imagine that you train in the gym which is only purveyed by the dumbbells and the barbells with some loads. Compared with the gym with various machines like cable machines, rowing machine, and push machines, the one with only dumbbells and barbells will just faded out their clients in just couple of month than the one with complete stuff.

For those who want to build a gym or workout center, then it is better idea to prepare the complete equipment first in order to spoil your customers with sophisticated stuff they can use for workout. And for those who look for a place to do the workout, inspecting the equipment within the gym itself is a must thing to do. Just make sure to ask about any facilities that you can enjoy in the gym to some fitness center management and compare it for further decision to sign up.

The Gym Facilities

The other factors that can make fitness fanatics to be content in the gym are the facilities provided there. Some Gyms like Gold Gym or Celebrity fitness and any other Gyms are competing one another by offering the clients various facilities like the warm water shower, free water supply, supplementations expert and consultants, locker room, and even free spotter for the workout. For even more bona fide gym, the management are preparing the sauna and some apparels wardrobe shop.Even though the prices is high, the gym with good facilities will attract more people to sign up compared with the one with lack facilities.

For those who wants to create the gym or fitness center business, the facilities is one important thing that you need to always remember in mind. If you want to make your customers feel content to your gym and keep making you money, then facilities on your gyms should be garnished. For those who are looking for the right gym to get sweat, comparing the facilities is the best answer to do.

The Gym Features

The last one is the features factors that gym gives which makes its clients feel content about it. The features here are more likely the variety of the programs they provides. Some good gym is not only provide the machines and equipment to do the workout, but the give special features like Zumba or dances program. Even better gym provides the features of martial arts and cardio system for their clients. So the gym is not only the place to lift some weights, but also a place to have fun and get healthy at once. If you are looking for the best gym in your place, just choose the one with various features, but just put that it is even better idea to find the gym with features that you want and able to use and enjoy.

Gym Memberships

Do Gym Memberships Give More Advantages than Disadvantages?

All people who want to be new members of certain fitness center or gym will consider anything before joining it. Indeed, the gym itself offers numerous advantages for health and body builder but expensive price and long commitment make it harder to join directly. If you are having this confusion, hopefully the pros and cons followed by beneficial suggestion can be your guide.

Gym Memberships


-Variety – Various gym options can lead diverse offers for certain purpose which will be achieved by many people who want to join one of them. The gyms can be useful like certain program such as basketball, swimming, indoor track, racquetball, group class led by instructor and rock climbing for cardio or free weight exercises.

-Bonuses – To attract the member, some bonuses like tanning, child care and massage are usually offered.

-Nice Equipment – Gym surely pay expensive attention toward the user comfort and satisfaction so nice equipment quality has been guaranteed.


-Expensive – Commonly gym offers the service with certain charge for visiting the place. It can be paid monthly, annually, or some years. It looks so expensive while you find the charge is within $15 per month to $100 per month based on each gym provision.

-Contracts – To attract the customers usually gyms offer inexpensive price which can be gained through a contract in long term. For people who are attracted which such offer without noticing printable policy tend to be lock in the contract without knowing the real preference and comfort during having workout in the gym. It’s hard for them to find this uncomfortable gym sensation while the contract locks them.

Overcrowding – This often occurs in peak hours which most members like to do the workout within your turn. Of course this will create overcrowd which you don’t expect before because all of them have the same rights for utilizing the gym.

How to Solve That?

Because of the various offered exercise selection, having a plan to join a gym membership can be something great. If your goals are to have cardio exercise and any similar workout, it’s better for you to have a bike or just run open air since it’s free and better for the cardio.

If you consider muscle building plan, actually join a gym membership is your better option because the method and assist which you get through gym is different than doing alone. It will make you save more money than installing the gym equipment in your home for your free weight or muscle building program.

Through some statements above the point is you should be more careful to join a gym. Below are some steps for avoiding raw deal for your membership registration.

  1. Determine your definite purpose in joining a gym.Whether you have a confusion to choose among sport or aerobic options actually in joining a gym, it should be based on your need. In this case you can take benefit from all gyms nearby to give accurate information relating to their features. This is beneficial for making your search narrower.
  2. Have same trial of your gym you want to join. A lot of gyms will pleasantly give you a chance to try the equipment without any charge. While getting this occasion you can see how well the place for you and how crowded the gym will be in your normal workout session.

You will find also a case where the gym doesn’t allow you to have free trials. As the alternative, you can walk around the gym space to see the facilities and get some information through asking anything about the gym. Tell them that you will visit them back if you want to join the gym membership.

  1. Set your commitment level to join the gym. Something which can be your great blunder in joining a gym with long contract is paying something from the gym which you will never get the benefit. This will be something locking during your contract.

Based on the studies, it is found about 50% of them who have been new in joining a gym member quit the health club and gyms in their first six months. Therefore, think of your commitment before you are a part of them to talk within the gym. Indeed, there are distinctive choices for your commitment level. There are different options for different levels of commitment.

  1. Have a chat with the sales person. If you feel to be ready to face them, have a seat to talk with the sales person for getting your options. You should get the definite payment details because long term contract in 1-3 years can be something common to offer for the commitment for offered reasonable price.

Ensure yourself to read and understand all of written agreement in your contract. Don’t rely on all of what the sales people say to you because they don’t always say the truth to a new customer in complete ways. Therefore, it is important for you to read all details relating to the contract, price offered, what will occur after the contract is expired and any dispensation due to your city movement.

In the case where you feel uncomfortable to the contract for long term, there is monthly price which is offered as the alternative from the gym. By this way you will not restricted with long term agreement but the price is really higher. If this still becomes your problem, you can consider other gyms as the alternative.

  1. Confer the price. You can do this tip by seeing the discounts which are offered for anyone who want to join the gym. Usually, this will work for large business which offers this facility to the employees to look for some bigger gyms like Bally’s Gym, Gold’s Gym, and any other. You can have the business with the sales person based on your company qualification.

The next tip, find the wiggle space within your pricing negotiation. Most of them usually don’t agree to have any negotiation but you can walk and leave them by asking them to look at certain “xxx” gym to be compared. This may work successfully to have them in your way.

The last tips, if some previous tricks are not successful, you can move to ask the special price which is offered. Usually gyms give special offer through discounts which can be optimized. If you are successful to join the membership within certain periods offered this can be an effective way to have price reduction.

6, Don’t Surrender. As the final step, which is supposed as the most significant one, you shouldn’t ever cease from your fitness purpose. The gym isn’t the main thing which can make you surrender but your laziness can be the main factor. You will feel the benefit if you really optimize the membership.

Commonly, gym membership looks so daunting. But it is only your first impression while you think of the contract for long term. Overall, it is a precious and good thing to try for your fitness plan. Something which you should notice is don’t pay everything which doesn’t give you benefit like what you expect. Just be in your good plan, commitment and discipline in doing the process.

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